Unless you have a severe nut allergy, most people are fond of a handful or two of whichever their favourite nut may be – salted peanuts before dinner, creamy macadamia nuts, crunchy almonds… and for good reason. Nuts and seeds contain a fantastic array of minerals, protein and fats that make them an easy and delicious ways to add nutrition to your diet.

However, nuts and seeds also contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that interfere with our ability to digest and absorb these nutrients properly, putting additional pressure on our digestive systems and causing inflammation of the gut wall. Not something most of us knew about right?

Traditional people and our wise ancestors knew about this.

They came up with specific techniques to neutralise these irritating compounds, as well as increase the nutrient value of nuts and seeds so they were worth eating, and could be eaten. These days, it’s known as ‘activating’ in the health scene; the aim is to begin the process of sprouting, and then follow it up with a slow and gentle drying process to lock in nutrition, and ensure we have that delicious crunch we all love.

Activated nuts and seeds are easily digested and more nutritious than raw or roasted nuts.

By activating nuts and seeds, we are essentially releasing the enzyme inhibitors (that upset our gut and make nutrient absorption harder) and in turn make these tasty treats even more nutritious.

So if you’re someone who feels that they can’t eat nuts, or they feel too heavy in your gut when you do eat them, try eating only activated nuts and see how you feel.

Light, crisp and addictively moreish, they are a fantastic kitchen staple – nutrient-dense snacking at your fingertips!


~ All our products containing nuts and seeds are activated
~ All organic
~ All locally made in Far North Queensland with love, and with your health in mind 🙂


** Post written by our resident Nutritionist Christie Fischer


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