Ok, becaue I have been so busy in the Cafe I haven’t blogged for a long time – ok – a very LOOOONG time!  So it should be just like riding a bike though hey …. Except I suck at riding a bike!!!  I am trying to bring some changes into my life and business and I have all good intentions but not really a lot of follow through though.  (I love that I could throw in through and though side by side! – yes small things amuse me! Lol )

Love - Lee Cooking Wholefoods Cafe Supports Boomerang Bags

Boomerang Bags Stich and Giggle Sewing group is held at Love – Lee Wholefoods Cafe

The café has been open for over a year now and whilst it has been a huge learning curve there is still so much potential for growth and development.  When I opened the café in Atherton I had several goals.

  1. To be an outlet for my love of sharing healthy food and knowledge and be more in touch with people
  2. Support a lifestyle that focussed on family and was less stress
  3. Fulfilled my desire for teaching and training
  4. Be part of building resilient communities that thrive
  5. Be a business that was socially & environmentally ethical that supported local businesses and farms.


Sooooo …. Have we done this?  A lot to ask of a start up business in its first year of trading but yes, I think we are on the way.  Just not sure of the “less stress”part!! And reflecting on my profit and loss report I think I may need to readjust or add to some of these goals to include being financially sustainable! However,  I am constantly amazed by how good our community and the people in it are.  Every day I find something that reminds me of this.  I truly am blessed – I may not be financially rich but I am so blessed and rich in other treasures that make all the hard work so very much worthwhile.

You can’t live on just love and there is always room for evaluation, change and growth so we have put it to you our loyal and wonderful customers to give us feedback.  We are even going to reward (aka bribe) you with a free coffee for doing so.  Review us on Tripadvisor, Facebook, LocalSearch, Google or Instagram and show us and your next coffee/tea is on us!  If you would like you can also email constructive criticism to lee@loveleecooking.com.au.  If we have catered for an event, camp, wedding, conference etc and you have pics – we would especially love to hear from you.  So next time you are in the Café (70 Main Street, Atherton), check in, take a pic and post it for us and help us spread the love!

Until my next rambling …. Be kind to others and yourself and be the change you want to see ….