Today we received confirmation of our status as an accredited ‘Waste Wise Business’ with

The Waste Wise Business pledge:

 As a business owner, I pledge to become a waste-wise business by:

  • Contacting my bin provider to establish a recycling bin service
  • Setting up ‘bin stations’ (i.e. 1 x bokashi composting bin for food scraps, 1 x general waste bin & 1 x recycling bin side by side) in the public and staff areas of my business
  • Auditing my bins and engaging my staff to identify high volume and single use waste items, particularly single-use plastics.
  • Implementing waste reduction actions for high volume and single use waste items generated by my business.
  • Promoting my waste-wise achievements in-store, online and via the Committee for Waste Reduction.

Drop on in and see us at Love – Lee Wholefoods Cafe, 70 Main Street Atherton and be part of the movement!