Love Lee Cooking essentially started not long after a diagnosis of autism in one Far North Queensland family.

To rewind a little though, having taught home economics for 20 years, the creator of Love Lee has always been a passionate cook however admits she never knew much about nutrition. Then when her son was diagnosed with autism, things had to change. And it was the recommendation of making specific dietary changes to help manage his behaviour that prompted it all.

“ I wanted to create delicious yummy treats for him but making sure they were still going to be nutritious and not set off his behaviours”

Word spread around town and these delicious foods and treats were in popular demand by other people – whether they or their family had health challenges or not.

“(He) went from daily traumatic meltdowns to one every three months or even less. That alone was enough to make it all worthwhile.”

And as the story goes, not surprisingly, along the way a passion for organic food was birthed, and the health of the entire family was transformed day by day, and continues to do so.
The Love Lee Family now live a totally organic life with no chemicals in the house. Not in their food, nor in their cleaning products or personal care items.

“This food journey has changed my life completely. In the end I was so enlightened I started a new career that has enabled me to share the joy of healthy food with others.”

And as of March 2017, Love Lee Cooking expanded to open the Love Lee Whole Foods Cafe in Atherton, Qld which much support of locals, family and friends and a lot of very loyal customers.

Love-Lee Cooking & Love Lee Whole Foods Cafe offers a range of products and services in Far North Queensland:

  • Providing catering for events, functions, weddings, birthdays, and more
  • Specialising in specific dietary requirements – gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, paleo, wheat free and chemical free
  • Using local, organic produce from farmers, activated nuts and seeds, free range chicken, nitrate free ham and fermented foods
  • Hosting Cooking School Workshops and Retreats
  • Feeding locals 7 days a week at our cafe in Atherton
  • Creating products sold in store, at local markets and online

Top tips from Love Lee:

  • Use whole foods and keep it simple.
  • My favourite food to eat is plain dhal – onion, garlic, butter and dhal!
  • Learn one thing at a time.
  • Create new habits and routines.
  • Cooking should be a joy – no stress!